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offered by Helmut & Leah Ulrich

Premium Filipina Trained Wife, Educated and Versed on Serving Mankind, Studied Abroad.  Very Delightful, Excellent Listener, Efficient Planner and Extremely Responsible!

Takes Personal Inventory DAILY to Better Serve Mankind !!


Price: $0.00! & Expedited RUSH Ulrich Hand Delivery

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Expected delivery date: ASAP

Want it within the hour?  Click bring her to me! in checkout.

Sold by  Helmut & Leah Ulrich

Product Description:

Great Money Making Potential: Aspiring Nurse one Test Away from Financial Freedom!

Delightful and Happily Infectious Disposition: Always sees the positive!

Attentive Host and Life of the Party!

On Crash Diet to Always Look Best

Immaculate Housekeeper and Gourmet Chef

Snappy Dresser

Orderly and an Amazing Planner!

Financially responsible and stays on Budget

Non-Combative and Easy Going


Item Dimensions: 5'4", 125 lbs

* Item dimensions guaranteed due to non-load bearing ankles

Total Price: $ Sanity

Delightful Happy Educated Filipina Wife

Cyanide Pills for Quick Exit

Colt 1991 Government Issue Auto Handgun .45

Customer Reviews


1.0 out of 5 stars


Do NOT trust this seller!!

September 19, 1999

Verified Purchase

Don't usually write reviews, but felt need to warn public of this seller.  Delivery was extraordinarily fast, and item appeared to be in good working condition; but upon closer inspection, item did not operate as advertised....seems seller was slightly dishonest.

Seller did not honor verbally promised return policy...


Became longest active student in history, yet to pass that Nursing Test!

Extraordinarily undelightful & unpleasant

Impersonal, Combative, and Generally Sour Faced

Refuses to clean and cook

Divisive, Cunning, always seeking an Angle, steals $$ from kids

Awful with finances, lacks responsibility in any shape or form

No sense of morality or ethics

Items weight swelled beyond advertised dimensions

Rational? my Ass!!!!!!


Item is a Constant Daily Reminder to take big decisions seriously....LOL!!

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